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Published: 13.11.19

Returning to the question of solar panels ... The experiment showed that solving the problem of providing youself with electricity with the help of solar panels only is not an easy task.

Since the purchase of the first solar battery, there has not been a single clear day. The first battery in three days did not increase the battery charge by a single gram. I suggested that the battery just didn't work and bought a second one. The second battery also added exactly zero to the battery level per day. And then I decided to read the documentation.

On a clear day, an A4-format ...

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Published: 03.11.19

Солнечная батарея

I've bought a solar battery in an online store. Made by SunPower.

It has arrived just in ordinary cardboard box, without instructions, without guarantees and all that. And it looks like a dummy made of polyvinyl chloride with a picture of a solar battery printed on it in black ink.

I called the store. They explained to me very confidently that modern batteries no longer look like silicon wafers with a meta...

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Published: 26.10.19

toothpasteSince I expect long periods of full autonomy during the trek, the question of the weight of the backpack becomes very important. You’ll have to think about how much each, even a very small item is needed. For example, toothpaste. I never wondered how much would I need for a month. I’ll have to find out experimentally - measure how many days one tube of paste lasts....

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