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The small village of Machhermo is known for having an yeti incident near to it. 

Locals say that in the relatively recent 1974, a girl grazed yaks near this village. Suddenly she heard a noise, looked in it's direction and saw a big brown man, covered with long hair, descending from the mountain. Yeti hit her and pushed her to the river. The cowgirl was scared to death, hid between the stones and watched as the yeti caught three yaks one by one and turned their necks around, grabbing their horns. The rest of the yaks fled. 

The girl lay on the riverbank until night, and when it got dark she ran to Kumjung for the help of the police. The police recorded her story, and then went to inspect the scene of the incident. There they found three dead yaks with broken necks.

As "the memory" of the meeting with the yeti, the girl had a scar on her face. She was afraid to return to Machhermo and stayed to live in Kumjung.

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