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Himalayas. An fantastic area, all saturated with mysticism, with a unique nature, with amazingly diverse flora and fauna. An area where different cultures and different religions exist nearby. The area, where are lot of legendary "places of power".

This is NOT a travel agency website.

This is a site with information about the Himalayas, which I collect in preparation for a big travel there.

Over the past 10 years, I have been in Himalayas many times. There are places with amazing energy, fantastic landscapes and a very diverse nature. I want to come back there again and again. Photos from previous trips can be viewed on my page in Instagram.

I want to make the Great Himalayan Trail, adding to the standard route of about 1,700 kilometers extra “zigzags” to interesting places that are away from the “classic” route.

As the route is being worked out, I will post on this site various myths and legends, stories about “places of power”, revelations of various gurus, information about various inexplicable phenomena that took place in this amazing area. And then, during the trip, I plan to check all the information collected and experience the influence of specific “places of power”. And, of course, I will describe here in detail my feelings and impressions.

It’s also interesting for me to check on myself: what thoughts I will have after meditating in high-altitude monasteries, whether I will feel better in general and in my eyes in particular, how I will feel the energy of Himalayas in a couple of months in the mountains. Without the usual rush on the route, it is quite possible to afford conversations with the monks, studying the local wonders and “freezing” in the most interesting places


On each page of the site you can leave your comments. And I'm very interested in your questions, ideas and suggestions. I am ready to add experiments based on your ideas to the travel program if you share them. Let's explore the secrets of the Himalayas together!

Many parts of my big journey are completely independent routes. And if you are thinking about a trip to the Himalayas, here you can find information about the most interesting places on different routes, about the features of different areas of Nepal, about the level of difficulty of routes, about how you can get to a specific point in the mountains.

And here you can read about the necessary equipment for this kind of travel, about the results of testing various elements of equipment in “real life” conditions, and ask questions about preparing for a mountain hike from scratch.

I am ready to support you in the desire to go to the Himalayas or to other mountainous areas. I will be happy to share information and support with advice. And we can go together. Annoncements about upcoming treks — here.

I am 47 years old and I am a typical representative of "office plankton." I want to realize the idea of hiking along the Great Himalayan trail over the next two years, and during this time I need to do a lot to prepare myself for the trip.

They say that the only thing people regret at the end of life is that they little loved and not traveled more. I hope that the Great Himalayan trail will save me from most of the possible future regrets.


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