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I think, that good time for a start of the trek based on climatic conditions in Nepal and Tibet is June 1.

The first few days of journey after arrival in Kathmandu I will spend for obtaining the necessary permits for visit Tibet and permits for national parks along the route. To make the procedure easier, I plan to preliminarily send a letter to the Ministry of Tourism of Nepal asking for assistance in complieting a trek throughout the territory of Nepal.

Since a visit to Tibet may turn out to be the most expensive part of the trek, it may be good idea to spend several days in Kathmandu searching for travel companions to Kailash. Or shorten the route, starting from Simikot, without calling in Tibet.

The best route for me to Kailash: Start from Kathmandu by car. The first stop is Sakya Monastery. I would like to stay there for the night, for acclimatization. According to legend, this is the first Buddhist monastery in Tibet, which was built with the participation of Padmasabhava.

Then we go to Darchen (approximate altitude - 4700m). Driving with possibility to stop near the lakes. The estimated date of arrival in Darchen is June 10th. In Darchen, depending on how we feel, we either immediately go to kora or spend a day here for acclimatization.

I would like to make a kora around the sacred mountain in my oun schedule: after the first day of the kora, I would like to spend a day in a tent near the north face of Kailash (altitude 5,350 m). After the second day of the kora -to spend the night in a monastery. On the third day - return to Darchen. After a day of rest - the inner kora with an night stay near the south face of Kailash.

About June 18, the trek from Darchen to Lake Marasarovar. Rest day on the lake, stay at night in the Milarepa cave.

After the sacred lake, a hike to the border with Nepal with stops at the monasteries. June 22 - the border with Nepal, at Hilsa.

Thus, the fulfillment of the desired trek to Kailas will take about 22 days (without rush).

The idea to start the trek from Tibet is very interesting to me, but it seems that such a decision will greatly complicate the logistics, significantly increase the duration of the trip and the costs of it. Therefore, I will have to abandon this idea and return to Kailash next time ... 

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