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After returning from Mustang to Muktinat, the trail follows the classic track of the track around Annapurna. There are a lot of tourists here in season, many guesthouses. There should be slightly less rain than on the north side of Annapurna, so the walking in this part of the route during the monsoon should not be very uncomfortable.

On this part, the road goes near to two eight-thousanders: Annapurna and Manaslu. If it will be possible to move faster than the schedule, then I can make a radial exit to Lake Tilicho - this is the highest mountain lake in the world. After the desert Mustang it will be pleasant to walk through the forest, but to get to the forest you will have to overcome the Tsarong La pass (5400m) - one of the highest passes on the route.

After Annapurna we go to the very border with Tibet, bypassing Manaslu. The difference in altitude will be significant: after the descent to 2000 meters, you will need to again climb to the pass with a altitude more than 5000m. Accordingly, the trail will pass again through all climatic zones, presenting a wide variety of landscapes.

At the end of the classic route around Manaslu, a radial exit to the Tsum Valley is planned. Here, far from civilization, another enclave of Tibetan culture with many Buddhist monasteries has been preserved. If the schedule and weather permit, I can stay in Tsum for a little meditative rest.

The estimated duration of the site is 28 days.

You can see the map of Annapurna trek here and Manaslu trek here

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