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The main working instrument of the shaman is, of course, the drum. During the fight with demons, the shaman controls the situation with the help of rhythmic drumming. If he is going to do something with his hands during rituals, he passes this instrument to his assistant so that the rhythm of the beats is not interrupted for a moment..

The life of the shaman sometimes depends on how clearly the assistant will act. One of the legends tells how one of the shamans fought a demon in the Snake Lake near Goshinkunda. Before throwing himself into the water and starting hand-to-hand combat, he handed the drum to his wife with the order to keep the rhythm all the time while he was fighting the snake demon. All the time, no matter what.

And so, in the midst of the battle, the shaman appeared above the water, all entangled in a snake. The wife was so scared that she threw the drum and ran away. The serpent took advantage of the situation and won. The water of the lake was colored with the blood of a shaman. The lake is still called the Serpent Lake and the descendants of this shaman try not to approach it.

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