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In the multidimensional Hindu cosmology, there are beings who, as it were, occupy an intermediate position between gods and humans. These are demigods (devas) and demons (asuras). They are much more powerful than people, but nevertheless they are significantly inferior to the gods. 

Devas and asuras have been at enmity since ancient times. And one day, the asuras prevailed in a great battle with the devas and seized the supremacy in the universe. The devas did not accept defeat and turned with a prayer to Vishnu, who offered to settle the differences between the devas and the asuras according to the principle of Matroskin the cat: "together at work - it unites."

Vishnu told the devas that if you thoroughly beat the cosmic milky ocean, you can get the elixir of immortality. But, since this process is very laborious, it's necessary to join forces with the asuras, and this will help establish peace in the universe. The idea seemed interesting to both contracting parties and they got down to work.

For whipping (or "churning") the world's ocean, the devas and asuras decided to use Mandara Mountain as a huge whorl. They placed the mountain on the back of the giant turtle Kurma and wrapped Vasuki's serpent around the mountain to spin it. The devas pulled the snake by the tail, and the asuras by the head, the mountain revolved and churned the ocean.

However, instead of elixir, a terrible poison first appeared on the surface of the ocean, which could poison the entire universe. Frightened devas and asuras ran with entreaties to Shiva, who drank this terrible poison to save the universe.

After the poison problem was resolved, the devas and asuras continued to whip up the world's oceans. After a while, various treasures began to appear on the surface of the ocean, which they divided equally. And finally, the god of medicine Dhavantari came out of the ocean with a pot of amrita - the elixir of immortality. A fight ensued, in which the asuras defeated again. And they took all the amrita for themselves.

However, Vishnu, taking the form of the beautiful girl Mohini, stole the amrita from the asuras and gave the elixir to the devas. Only one of the asuras managed to secretly take a sip of amrita, assuming the form of a deva. But the gods of the Sun and Moon recognized him and cut off his head before the demon had time to swallow the drink. Having tasted the amrita, the devas were finally able to defeat the asuras.

But let's go back a little. When the powerful Shiva drank the poison, he felt somehow bad. His body turned blue and he was tormented by a terrible thirst. To get water, Shiva struck the ground with his trident, and Gosaykunda lakes with the purest water appeared at the place of impact. These lakes are located in Nepal, in the Langtang region.

Trishuli River originates from the Gosykunda lakes, the name of which is similar to the name of Shiva's trident - Trishula. Not far from the border with India, Trisuli flows into the Gandak River, which originates in the Mustang. 


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