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Based on the planned duration of the trek and climatic conditions, I think that for a successful fulfilment of the plan I should meet the following physical fitness criteria:

1. Stamina.

The ability to run 25 km without stopping, but also without a time limit, the ability to long hikes with a backpack weighing 20 kg, the ability to long uphill walks, the ability to climb a rope using a jumar.

2. Good health.

Resistance to infections, the ability to tolerate significant changes in temperature, a calm attitude to cold, the absence of pain in the joints.

At autumn of 2019 I'm actually a regular representative of “office plankton” with an average level of physical fitness. So I plan to adhere to a schedule of physical activity with loads necessary to ensure the desired shape at the time of start:

1. Running. Once a week, 6 km run with weights on feet, once a week a long distance run (starting from 14 km, a gradual increase to 25 km by next mid-summer), once a week running up the stairs.

2. 3 times a week gym exercises, pull-ups, exercises with dumbbells.

3. Daily - stretching, joint flexibility exercises.

4. Daily - cold shower.

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