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Do you remember I wrote that I will start in Nepal on July 14? 

But: I changed tickets and have flown out today. And now I am already in the transit zone in Istanbul - I am waiting for a flight to Kathmandu.

It's too early to say that everything is fine - I still need to overcome the formalities upon arrival in Nepal. There are few requirements: a hotel reservation (from a list approved by the government of Nepal), a completed questionnaire from a special Nepalese website ( and a fresh PCR test.

A snag is with this very test. Not that I have it not fresh. Very fresh, just from a test tube, one might say. But in the Nepalese directives it is written that the certificate about the PCR test must be with a photo and a QR code. And no one in Russia makes such a certificate ... My partners in Nepal are sure that everything is normal. Say, you can just give the border guard a separately certificate about the PCR test and a separately photo. But this situation is a little worrisome to me.

And some fresh impressions: it is better to arrive at the airport early. There are not many people, but the airport skillfully creates queues that move slowly. For some reason in Vnukovo in the departure area there are absolutely no carts for luggage, so either take your own, or ... 

Airport waiting areas have also been optimized. Therefore, if there is a desire to sit quietly somewhere (I had to wait for the opening of the Turkish airlines ticket office), but you have not QR code, then you can use the booths to watch a movie. Without a movie, they cost 250 rubles per hour and they even bring tea and coffee there. 

The new Istanbul airport is huge and seems to be far from the city. The business lounge is crowded, but there are enough free seats.

I hope that tomorrow I will be writing about Kathmandu, and soon I will reach the starting point at the beginning of the Great Himalayan Trail.

Special thanks to Dima Retunskikh for a special talisman that protects you from assholes. It seems that it works!

I remind you again: you can follow my progress on the project website (here), as well as on Instagram, FB and YouTube. Links to all channels are on the project website. Subscribe, ask questions - I will try to find answers to them!

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