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Kanchenjunga (8,586m) - the third highest peak in the world - is located on the eastern border of Nepal. Translated from Tibetan, the name of the mountain is "Five Great Snow Treasures", which hints at the magnificent view of the five-headed mountain range.

On the route, it is planned to visit the Temple of Pathibara, the sacred spot for many Indian and Nepalese pilgrims. After that we climb up to the Kachenjunga base camp (5,143m) and after, if we have time and mood, it's possible to run for a couple of passes to the Yalunga base camp.

The entire route runs through a conservation area supported by the World Organization for the Protection of Animals. There are few villages in this part of Nepal, but unique species of animals are often can be seen: snow leopard, red panda, Himalayan bear, cloud leopard and several species of macaques.

The Rai and Limbu tribes live in the vicinity of Makalu and Kachenjunga. These tribes have been inhabiting the territory of Nepal since prehistoric time and were gradually driven out by other peoples in the eastern highlands of the country. Many rais still practice their ancient Kiranti religion. 

This part of the route is also very beautiful and interesting, but rarely visited by tourists. Difficult logistics and a long distance to the base camp of Kachenjunga are significant obstacles for many outdoor enthusiasts. 

Completion of the entire trek and return to Kathmandu is planned by mid-December.

You can see the map of the trek here 

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