Gosainkund legend
When the mighty Shiva drank the poison, he felt a little bit badly. His body turned blue and he was tormented by a terrible thirst. To get water, Shiva struck the ground with his trident, and Gosaykunda lakes with the purest water appeared at the place. These lakes are located in Nepal, in the Langtang region.
Panch Pokhari
In the Langtang region, at an altitude of about 4200 meters above sea level, there is one of the highest mountain lake-bog systems: Panch Pokhari. Actually, the very name of the place, translated from Nepali, means "Five Lakes". Here, in a small plato, like on a balcony, above a deep gorge, there are five lakes, from which the Indravati River begins. Like many other Nepalese rivers, Indravati is part of the watershed of the sacred Ganges.
Lapchi Valley
Lapchi Valley is another one hidden valley sacred to Buddhists. But not just one of them, but one of the most important and famous. It is considered to be one of the 24 most important Tantric sacred sites. The great Tibetan yogi Jetsun Milarepa spent the rest of his life here. The valley is considered one of the best places for spiritual practice, and Lapchi Snow Mountain is often compared to Mount Kailash in Tibet.
The sacred river Kali-Gandaki
Kali Gandaki is another tributary of the sacred Ganges, originating in the Himalayas in Nepal. One of the attractions of the river valley is formally the deepest gorge in the world between Dhaulagiri and Annapurna.
Lo Gekar monastery
According to legend, in the 8th century AD, it was decided to build the first Buddhist monastery in Tibet in Samye. However, the construction of the monastery stalled at the very beginning: everything that was built by the builders during the day was taken away by local demons at night.
Shaman's main tool
The main working instrument of the shaman is, of course, the drum. During the fight with demons, the shaman controls the situation with the help of rhythmic drumming. If he is going to do something with his hands during rituals, he passes this instrument to his assistant so that the rhythm of the beats is not interrupted for a moment..
Lake Phoksundo
Lake Phoksundo is considered as the deepest lake in Nepal. They say that it appeared only 800 years ago, during the time of the great Guru Padmasambhava, who killed many demons in the valleys of the Himalayas.
"Hidden valley" Helambu
The history of the Helambu region (Yol-mo) is closely related to the history of the spread of Tibetan Buddhism. This valley was considered as one of the "hidden valleys" found by the Tibetan lama Rachansakya Bzanpo. However, long before him, the famous Tibetan yogin and magician Milarepa had been meditating for a long time in one of the caves in this sacred valley.
Sleeping bag and mat
Chose and tested a sleeping bag and a mat. Most of the travel gear is ready
The legend about two fishes
Darapori is a small village in the Himalayas, on the banks of the Karnali River. It is the northernmost point in the Humla region where rice can be grown. The locals believe that rice was brought to this region by two large fish that came from the Ganges.

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