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Got the first coronavirus vaccine "Sputnik V".

On this occasion, I would like to note a few points: There are no vaccination queues. Well, that is, absolutely no one in queue. The whole procedure, together with the defrosting of the vaccine, took about 15 minutes, and, on the recommendation of the doctors, I waited in the corridor for half an hour on in case of "whatever happens."

Why am I getting vaccinated just now? At the beginning of the year, the question of how long the sufficient level of antibodies will remain after vaccination was actively discussed. Many speakers said the vaccine will give protection for about six months and that second vaccination with the same vaccine might not work. Since I am going on a trek for six months, in order to reduce the risk, I decided to get the vaccine as close to the start date as possible.

And what about the COVID19 in Nepal? Nepal shares a border with India, which raises some concerns. However, there are relatively few cases in northern India. Yes, and Nepal promptly closed the borders and introduced rather strict measures to limit the spread of the infection. It is also important for me that in the mountainous regions of Nepal (which is more than half of the country's territory), about 5% of the population lives. Thus the route passes through a sparsely populated area, where it is almost impossible to pick up a covid. The main task is to slip through Kathmandu and quickly be higher in the mountains.

The pandemic increases insurance costs a bit, as insurance companies offering good trekking conditions do not cover the risk of covid disease. We'll probably have to buy two insurances.

Due to the pandemic, the rules for entering the country have changed. As in many countries, you must present a fresh negative test for coronavirus upon arrival. At the moment, in order to obtain a visa upon arrival, you need to obtain a certain set of documents from the meeting party. Or you need to get a visa at the Nepal embassy in the country of departure. There is still a risk of being quarantined for five days. Entry rules are gradually being simplified and, according to the Nepalese, tourists go on trekking on the day of arrival. I decided to get a visa in Moscow. And I will definitely tell you how to get a visa after I myself cope with this task.


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