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Today I met the norm for the duration of the jogging in preparation for the May trip to the Himalayas. I planned to run 22 km by May, and in February I managed to run as many as 24 km. All thanks to the wonderful winter weather - running is much easier than I thought, because there is still no snow.

For 2.5 hours of running, you can think over various moments of travel. I thought about how to cook my own food during autonomous parts of trek. Judging by the outline of the route, I will have sections of autonomy for up to two weeks. At the same time, there are not so many places where you can throw part of things in order to pick up by the way.

Of course, I wanted to ensure complete independence from external circumstances with something like gas or dry fuel. But it turns out that you need to take a lot of fuel with you and it will be physically difficult.

Therefore, it seems that the only option is a light stove-trowel and a relatively small supply of solid fuel for ignition. You will have to pay attention to collecting deadwood for cooking dinner and breakfast on the way... 

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