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I am choosing outfit and equipment for trekking along the Great Himalayan Trail. Among the important elements of the outfit are knee-high waterproof socks with a membrane. With such socks, Nepalese forest leeches are not scary, and in such socks it will be comfortable in any weather in the mountains.

The problem may seem far-fetched, but it is not. Hikers who find themselves on Nepalese trails during the rainy season will almost certainly receive several leeches a day in addition to wet shoes. It is not dangerous (it may even be good for health), but it is uncomfortable - after a leech bite, blood flows from the wound for a long time, "decorating" clothes and shoes with stains.

The project partner - RANDY SUN - kindly provided me with several pairs of excellent waterproof socks, as well as a pair of gloves and a waterproof hat. Photos of Daria Andrianova wearing this hat have already aroused public interest on Instagram. If you are also interested in these wonderful wardrobe items - the manufacturer's website:



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