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I'm still in Moscow. But all the equipment for the Great Himalayan Trail has already been collected, it only needs to be put everything into a backpack.

Today I tested the wonderful Zhiyun Crane-M2 stabilizer provided by the project partners, along with excellent Hoya filters and a Joby tripod.

I'm just a beginner blogger, but I already know that no one will watch videos with unstable images and disgusting sound. And I would like the beauty of the Great Himalayan Trail to be seen by as many people interested in travel as possible.

The stabilizer weighs a pound, which is a lot in my situation. But these half a kilo are more than paid off by the quality of the picture that is obtained at the output. Moreover, this stabilizer can be used to mount both a smartphone and a camera. The battery is powerful, the control is intuitive. The only thing that you won't be able to use it in the “snatched it out of my pocket and take it off” mode - before starting work, you need to spend a little time balancing your smartphone or camera on the stabilizer.

A small tripod is also included, but the mount to the tripod is standard and you can mount the stabilizer on a large tripod if you suddenly need it.

There are a lot of modes and I still have to deal with them. Just during the quarantine in Kathmandu, I think I will be able to master all the functions necessary on the trek.

Well, the "combat" tests of the system will take place very soon in Nepal, I hope.


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