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I keep thinking about nights in the mountains. In different articles they write about a significantly higher level of comfort when using inflatable mats. I decided to try it on myself and bought an inflatable mat Mauntain Equipment Aerostat Synthetic 7.0.

It's -10C outside today. And I spend the night on the balcony on a new mat and in a system of two sleeping bags at + 5C.

Result: sleeping on an inflatable is fundamentally more comfortable. Just super comfortable compared to regular foam mat. Warm and soft. It takes a relatively long time to inflate it even with a special "pump" made from its own bag, but it's worth the effort. I purchased the mat with the regular length, but wide. And this was also the right decision: pillow would have rolled off it anyway, but a slightly larger width allows you to sleep in any position without worrying that your arms or legs will hang down.

It is not very easy to get into the system of two sleeping bags. At the beginning, everything is meshed up and rather difficult to fasten. My two sleeping bags have zippers from different sides. It is really very difficult to fasten them in this format, it would be much more convenient when everything is on same side - then you can gradually fasten two sleeping bags at once. Once everything is zipped, you can comfortably lay inside. There was a some difficulties with the hood. But also due to the fact that the zippers of the sleeping bags were from different sides.

In general, the test can be considered successful. Now it remains to purchase a second, downy sleeping bag and we can assume that I am completely ready for cold nights.

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