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Today I tried on the balcony the second one, a downy sleeping bag and a foamless inflator.

Firstly, the presence-absence of inflatable under the rug is felt. Anyway, if you sleep on concrete flor. Last time it was really warm from below. This time - not cold, but not warm either.

Secondly, I realized that the temperature limit of the sleeping bag is really the limit of the comfort temperature. The new Gold Kazoo the North Face downy sleeping bag has a lower comfort temperature of -1C. Today on my balcony the temperature with the window open dropped to approximately -2C. And it was cold in the sleeping bag. How cold it was. Not to shiver, but without the opportunity to sleep well. True, I slept in a simple T-shirt and underpants, without thermal underwear or any other insulation. It turns out that the comfort temperature limit is really the temperature limit at which you can sleep peacefully. If it's colder, you need another sleeping bag or you need to dress warmer.

Thus, I now have two light sleeping bags: synthetics and downy. The maximum comfort temperature for the first is + 4C, and for the second - -1C. The total weight is about 1.8 kg. I think that together they will allow me to sleep normally at temperatures inside the tent up to -8C. I expect such a temperature only once - during an overnight stay in the Baruntse base camp at an altitude of 6,050m.

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