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Published: 14.07.21

Вчера окончательно утвердили с Phurba Sherpa (мой партнёр в Непале) маршрут Моей Большой Гималайской тропы с учетом возникших из-за пандемии проблем. Маршрут нереально насыщенный различными природными, культурными, историческими, религиозно-мистическими достопримечательностями. Обо всех сейчас писать не буду, чтобы не превращать пост в трактат о Непале, упомяну лишь некоторые основные.

Финальная версия не сильно отличается от исходной:

Стартуем из Хилсы - на дальнем западе Непала, на границе с Индией и Тибетом. Наиболее интересные места на первом участке маршр...

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Published: 12.07.21

All cordons have been passed! I'm in Kathmandu. And today is the day of pleasant surprises.

I am getting closer to the starting point on the Great Himalayan Trail. And it would be much more difficult for me to make this start without the help of many people, thanks to whom you will often see in my posts. Today I want to thank Igor Vishnyakov and the Finbridge company - without their help it would have been much more difficult for me to be in Kathmandu today. Thank you!

With the documents for entering Nepal, everything turned out to be easier than it was when boarding a pl...

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Published: 11.07.21

Do you remember I wrote that I will start in Nepal on July 14? 

But: I changed tickets and have flown out today. And now I am already in the transit zone in Istanbul - I am waiting for a flight to Kathmandu.

It's too early to say that everything is fine - I still need to overcome the formalities upon arrival in Nepal. There are few requirements: a hotel reservation (from a list approved by the government of Nepal), a completed questionnaire from a special Nepalese website ( and a fresh PCR test.

A snag is with this very test. Not that I have it not ...

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Published: 06.07.21

The ice has not yet broken, but it has already cracked and stirred! 

The immigration office in Nepal promised to issue all the necessary permits for the Great Himalayan Trail. Of course, after I have been quarantined for 7 days in Kathmandu. Domestic flights around the country have resumed, the lockdown in Kathmandu is almost cancelled. 

I already have a ticket to Nepal in my pocket (for July 14th), all that remains is to comply with a few formalities for entry. 

I remind you that you still can join me on any part of my route and the actual schedule is pu...

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Published: 19.06.21

I'm still in Moscow. But all the equipment for the Great Himalayan Trail has already been collected, it only needs to be put everything into a backpack.

Today I tested the wonderful Zhiyun Crane-M2 stabilizer provided by the project partners, along with excellent Hoya filters and a Joby tripod.

I'm just a beginner blogger, but I already know that no one will watch videos with unstable images and disgusting sound. And I would like the beauty of the Great Himalayan Trail to be seen by as many people interested in travel as possible.

The stabilizer weighs a pound, ...

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Published: 17.06.21

Had got a visa to Nepal.

In general, there is nothing complicated: fill out and print a questionnaire on the Immigration office website, hotel reservations for 10 days (hotels are selected from the list on the Nepal tourism board website, reservations are made through, insurance that covers COVID-19 issues for the entire duration of stay, passport (more than 6 months before the expiration date) and visa payment in dollars (no change). The visa is made right on the day of application. 

But the planned start date had to be shifted. There are still restrictions...

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Published: 06.05.21

Now I have cause for concern. Nepal temporarily suspended flights with other countries from 6 to 14 May due to an increase in the number of new infections with coronavirus.

I plan to fly to Nepal only on June 15th. It seems that there is still time. In India, the new wave of the pandemic has already subsided and my Nepalese partners are confident that everything will be fine. But nevertheless, the situation worries me a little.

And I continue to prepare for the trip.

And I remind you that you can join me: the easiest options in terms of logistics are Mustang, the trek a...

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Published: 19.04.21

Got the first coronavirus vaccine "Sputnik V".

On this occasion, I would like to note a few points: There are no vaccination queues. Well, that is, absolutely no one in queue. The whole procedure, together with the defrosting of the vaccine, took about 15 minutes, and, on the recommendation of the doctors, I waited in the corridor for half an hour on in case of "whatever happens."

Why am I getting vaccinated just now? At the beginning of the year, the question of how long the sufficient level of antibodies will remain after vaccination was actively discuss...

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Published: 17.04.21

I walked between Dhaulagiri I (8,167m) and Dhaulagiri II (7,751m) - behind me in the photo - and ended up on Dhampus peak (6,011m). We began to climb from 800m above sea level and were seriously worried that on the approaches to the base camps Dhaulagiri would be covered by a “altitude sickness”. 

What is a altitude sickness? This is an unpleasant phenomenon, the reason for which, in my opinion, is insufficient acclimatization when climbing to a noticeable height. In the Caucasus, symptoms may appear at an altitude of about 2,500 meters. In mountain systems located...

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Published: 12.04.21

I am choosing outfit and equipment for trekking along the Great Himalayan Trail. Among the important elements of the outfit are knee-high waterproof socks with a membrane. With such socks, Nepalese forest leeches are not scary, and in such socks it will be comfortable in any weather in the mountains.

The problem may seem far-fetched, but it is not. Hikers who find themselves on Nepalese trails during the rainy season will almost certainly receive several leeches a day in addition to wet shoes. It is not dangerous (it may even be good for health), but it is uncomfortable - after a ...

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